Manage Users and Site Options

manage users and site options button -------- Clicking this button shows the options as shown below:

manage users and site options

For managing users see Managing Users
For changing site options see Changing Site Options
For restricting page editing access see Restricting Access to Page Editing
For restricting page blogging access see Restricting Access to Page Blogging

Clicking Generate Site Map creates an XML site map file (sitemap.xml) based on all pages in the website. Pages referenced in a menu that are located at the top level have a priority of 0.8 except the index page which has a priority of 1. Each level down is 0.2 less in priority than the top level. Any remaining pages not found in any of the menus is given a priority of 0.2. Any page that has been set to not index in the meta tags will be omitted from the site map. If a revisit period is set in the meta tags, that period will be used as the change frequency. Otherwise the change frequency will be set to "monthly". See Meta Tags for more information about editing meta tags.

Page LocationPriority
index (Home)1.0
Top Level Menu Items0.8
Sub Level 2 Menu Items0.6
Sub Level 3 Menu Items0.4
Not in any menu0.2

The robots.txt is also created at this time. The robots file refers to the sitemap file and instructs robots not to search Breeze Website Builder™ CMS folders.

prune page edit backup table ------- Clicking Submit will remove old page edits from the page backup table. You may change the number of days of backups you want to keep. The default is 30 days. This operation cannot be undone. This is useful because the backup table quickly becomes so full that the restore page becomes unwieldy to use.

Prune CSS, site map, file edit backup, and JavaScript menu backup files ------- Clicking this link cleans up backup CSS, site map, file edit backups, and JavaScript menu files. These files are generally not needed. Typically, only an expert web developer would download these files to forensically troubleshoot a problem. If you are a web developer using the file editor, it is more likely that you may want to revert to a backup. In this case, don't click this button unless you are confident that you will not need to look at any of the file edit backups.

For clearing all custom CSS classes see Clear All Custom CSS Classes
For installing or recalling plugins see Install Plugin
For installing updates see Install Update
For running SQL see Upgrade Table Structures

Clicking Show Server Information displays the PHP and MySQL configuration of your server. This is provided to aid in troubleshooting compatibility issues between the Breeze Website Builder and your server configuration.

For making website active or putting under construction see Activate/Deactivate Website