You, or any user you cerate, may blog to any page of your choosing. If you wish, you may create restrict bloggers to blogging on all but the page you want them to be able to blog on. Go to Restrict Page Blogging to find out more about locking bloggers out of the rest of your site. To create a new blog, select your blog page from the list, and click Create. This will create a minimal blog entry with a Subject and a Message that you can edit. You blog will not post to the site until you click Publish in the editor. You can also go back and revise your post by selecting your post from the post-to-edit list and clicking Edit. You will need to know the page your post is on, and what the date and time of that post to identify it from the list. You can look at the blog page to determine this if your post has been published. Blogs are always posted most recent at the top to oldest at the bottom. The figure below shows the create/edit blog select console as logged in as a user with more access that a blogger:


Note that all of the pages are available to blog to. A blogger on the other hand will only be able to blog to pages they are assigned to. The figure below shows the create/edit blog select console as logged in as a blogger:

Blogging select console

Admins and power users can also delete posts. To delete a post, simply select the post from the blog-post list, and click Delete.

Deleting a post

You can change the colors, fonts, etc. for your blogs using the styles editor by selecting Blog Styles from the style sheet list shown it the main menu by clicking Edit Styles. Go to Editing CSS for more information on editing styles.

If you want to have header content above your blogs that is in the content area (in addition to whatever is in the top of header of your pages) you will need to add this HTML comment to your page in source view:

<!-- Blog header encapsulation. Blogs are entered after this comment. Do not remove this line. -->

This tells the Breeze to put the next blog just below this line. Without this comment, new blogs will always go to the top of the page.