Managing Custom Fonts

To get to the Manage Custom Fonts console, look for the Add Font button near three fonts lists at the top of the Edit CSS console:

add font button

Click on the button above will display the console as shown below:

Manage Important CSS Attributes Console

Type in the name of the font as you want it to appear in the drop-down font lists. Then you may either upload a font file or enter a URL to a font (i.e. Google fonts). Clicking the URL option changes the display to appear as below:

Important CSS attribute set to on

You may also set the stretch on your font and specify a specific style (italic or oblique) and weight to be associated with your font. If uploading a font file, note that all browsers support TTF and OTF fonts. Support for WOFF, WOFF2, SVG and EOT fonts is not supported in all browsers. See for more information on custom fonts.