The dashboard is the first screen you see after logging in. There is no click to get back to the dashboard after going somewhere else, but refreshing the browser will take you to the dashboard. It contains general information about your website including Breeze Website Builder™ version, page count an blog count.


When new version of the Breeze Website Builder™ are available for download, the dashboard will tell you that your version is out of date and will provide you with a link to download the latest version. Click on the Download button to get the latest version. Then click on the Click here to install the update button to install the update you just downloaded. Note: The update button will not exist if you are not logged in as an administrator. Click here to find out more about installing updates.

dashboard, update needed

If your patch levels between the version module and the database get out of sync, you will see the yellow message across the top of the screen as shown below. Usually, this is caused by a failed SQL patch. You can use the Run SQL module to apply the patch. You must be logged in as an admitistrator to have access to this module. Click here for more information on using this module.

dashboard, patch level conflict