Edit Custom CSS

custom styles editor

The custom styles editor is provided as a way to add CSS that cannot be created in the regular styles editor, or to be able to simply paste CSS from some other source with editing. By default, these styles will be appended to the end of site.css if editing Custom Styles, or site_mobile.css if editing Custom Mobile Styles. If you would like all your custom styles to load before the regular styles, put the delimiter comment /*****Custom CSS Delimiter*****/ at the end of the custom CSS. If you would like only a portion of your custom styles to be load before the regular styles and the rest to load after the regular styles, insert the delimiter comment where you want the custom styles to be split (more typical). An example of why you might want to do this is if you want to use the @import rule to your custom styles, it must load prior to any reference to your import in the regular styles.