Using the Breeze Website Builder™ Logging in the First Time 

The login to manager area is at where is your website domain name. If you did not use the installation wizard and instead did a manual installation, the default logins will be as follows:

User ID Password
admin admin123
user user123
power_user power_user123
blogger blogger123
restricted restricted123

Login as admin the first time and click on Manage Users and Site Options. Then click on Manage Users and change the passwords for all three of the built-in accounts. You may instead delete the user, restricted and power_user users if you wish. Click on the help icon within the Breeze Website Builder™ and go to the Getting Started section to find out more on using the system.

Using Secure Passwords / Changing Passwords

You need to use secure passwords and change your passwords for ALL built-in users after installation. admin is the one user that can't be deleted, but power_user, user and restricted should probably be deleted if not used. At the bare minimum, passwords need to be changed.

Click here for more information on how to manage users.

The Zen Cart plugin also has a default login which you will need to change. The default is:

User ID Password
manager man123

Click here for more information on how to log into the Zen Cart.

Forget Your Password?

Forgot your password

In the event that a user's password is forgotten, you may use the "Forgot you password?" link.

forgot your password page

The user will be asked to enter the email address in which the account is associated and correctly enter the case sensitive CAPTCHA. If done properly, the password is automatically reset and sent to the registered email.