Manage Head Content

maneg head assignment

The tool shown below allows you to apply different head content to different pages. Click the Add Another Head Content button to add another head. By default, new heads will be labeledhead1, head2, etc. You may also select a page to assign the new head to upon creating it. When you select a page, the head name suffix will automatically be changed to the name of the page. You may type any suffix you want if the default is not what you need. Clicking Add Another Head Content will created the new head with the name you entered, and assign the head to the page you selected. You may use the assignment area below to re-assign the head content to any page or pages you want. Note that you may already see custom head assignments in here. This would be due to creating pages with plugins. The new head is created automatically for many of the plugins to accommodated the JavaScript required for such plugins. You may also prune old head using the delete area.