Manage Mega Menus

Mega Menu

The Manage Mega .Menus console is pictured below. Initially, there will be no mega menus listed on the left. To start, select a menu and a menu item in the menu in the Create Mega Menu section. Then click the Create button. This will create the mega menu assigned to the menu and menu item selections, and open the new mega menu in the page editor. Mega menus are simply special pages. You can add text, links and images as you wish.

manage mega menus

After creating a mega menu, you can come back to this console any time to modify it. Your new mega menu will appear in the list under Edit Mega Menus. You may check any combination of the Editor Options as you would do to edit any page, and click on the mega menu in the list that you want to edit. It will take you to the page editor and you may add links, text and images as desired.