Manage Menu Assignment

Menu assignment is accomplished through the tool shown below. To add a new menu, choose CSS or Java and enter your choice into the "Menu Type" block. Enter a description for your new menu such as "Main Menu" or "Side Menu" or "Footer Menu" and click add. Then assign your new menu to the border area of your choice. Note: By adding additional border areas, you could assign different menus to different pages through this tool. You can create as many menus as you want, but you can only have up to four different CSS menus on any particular page. Note menus are not assigned to pages, but rather to border areas. The border areas are then in turn assigned to the pages. This makes it a little more cumbersome when trying to figure out how to get a particular menu assigned to particular pages on complicated websites. As a convenience, you can hover the mouse of the eye icon. This will display the list of pages that the border area is assigned to.

css menu assignments

You may also prune your menus if a menu is no longer needed by deleting it. You may also change the description of your menus. For example, you may decide to change the stock description of the first CSS menu from "CSS Menu 1" to "Main Menu". Furthermore, if at a later time you decide you want your menu to be of a different type, (i.e.: JavaScript instead of CSS), you may update your choice in the section named "Change Menu Type". If switching to JavaScript, you will have to reassign your menu to the border area to install the proper JavaScript functions.