Generate Site Map

Clicking this button will create the sitemap.xml file if it does not exist, or rebuild it if it does. Note: Any time you save a menu item, the sitemap.xml file is recreated. The function also creates the robots.txt file if it does not exist. If robots.txt exists, it will not be changed. To refresh robots.txt you will need to delete that file first.

These files are used by search robots for indexing the site. The site map will include the index page with a priority of 1, any other top level menu item page at 0.8, first sublevel menu items at 0.6, second level menu items at 0.4, etc. reducing by 0.2 at each level. Pages not found in the menu are given a priority of 0.2 unless there are no menu items, in which case the are given a priority of 0.8.

The follow/nofollow, index/noindex and revisit parameters are pulled from the metatags as assigned per page. If no metatags are assigned to a page, the default values of:

revisit = 30

will be used.

The robots.txt file includes instructions on where to find the site root folder (which may be different from the webroot folder if you setup your files folder and website folder inside the connect/config.php file), and disallows for any of the Breeze Website Builder™ core files.