Welcome to the Breeze Website Builder Template Wizard! This tool will allow you to upload your own templates or use one of the templates provided in this wizard. If you are not hosting with Silver Dolphin Solutions, LLC, start the wizard by visiting Once on this site click on products, then templates. The following form will appear on the next page:

Once you are here fill out your information, complete the CAPTCHA then click submit.

The other mode is for Breeze Website Builder subscribers. If you are hosting with Silver Dolphin Solutions, LLC, the wizard will automatically install the new template into your site for you. The first state that you will enter the wizard in is for first-time subscribers where there is nothing on your site. The link for this is something like where is your website address. You will be presented with a standard login screen and you will use the credentials that are provided. Upon logging in, you will need to go to Site Management, then Manage Users & Site Options. Once at this screen, make sure the the "Run Wizard Local (Check only if template repository and Breeze installation are on same server.)" box is checked as shown below:

Selecting No allows you to abort the process without erasing your settings. Selecting Yes will bring you to the next warning screen which offers an additional choice:

You are given a second chance to abort by selecting Cancel. You may also select Run Wizard and keep pages if you want to retain your page content. You may also select Run Wizard and delete all pages to delete all of your content and start from scratch. For both of these run-wizard options you need to enter your CPanel user ID to continue. If you need help finding this user ID, contact Silver Dolphin Solutions, LLC This is to ensure that your website is not deleted inadvertently after you have invested many hours of adding content and setting the style.