The Breeze Website Builder™
and Content Management System

Build your website in 6 easy steps!!!

1 Choose your type of website: Business,  Organization or Personal

2 Filter template selection based on type of business or organization.

3 Select the pages you want on your site: Home, About, Contact,  etc.

4 Choose your template.

5 Upload your logo, add title and tagline, and select color theme.

6 Review your selections and click "Next" if you are satisfied.

Then use the Breeze Website Builder™ to add your content and BOOM!  your done!

To get your template download, click here!  Note: The Breeze Wizard™ is provided FREE with the hosted subscription service and your template is installed automatically without downloading and uploading.

Easy, Powerful, Fast and Elegant!

We have created our own content management system which is easy to use and has all the tools you need to create and customize your website. The Breeze Website Builder™ contains all the features you need to create an effective and attractive website.  This system will allow you to maintain your website yourself so you can save money.

The Breeze Website Builder™ is easy to use with all of the necessary tools presented in a logical format for building and maintaining a web site.  You will find building your site straight forward and as simple as it can be, given the powerful tool set to allow you to create a site that is customized the way you want it.  And if that is not enough, you can have the entire layout including navigation and graphics completed in 6 easy steps using the add-on wizard to select from one of our templates.

The Breeze Website Builder™ provides ALL of the tools you need to build a website ANY WAY you like.  All of this without requiring the use of any special software, just your web browser.  The Breeze features the most flexible and easy-to-use menuing system found anywhere.  Menus can be styled to any look imaginable in either pure CSS or JavaScript.  The Breeze includes a user-friendly CSS editor allowing you to style your site elements professionally and with ease, requiring no knowledge of CSS coding.  Although the system is designed to encourage re-use of page areas to speed development, easy-to-use tools allow you to override any function to create any look you want.

The Breeze Website Builder™ is designed for speed. This system was originally designed to (A) make website development faster and easier for us to build websites, and (B) to turn it over to non-web-developers to maintain their own site.  So speed of use is a hallmark feature of the Breeze.  Re-useable page areas, ubiquitous menus and quick-setup plugins make custom site development with the Breeze FASTER than with expensive professional site building applications.  In today's world, speed is everything.

The Breeze Website Builder™ creates clean, elegant HTML.  This may not seem important to the site user, but search robots become "frustrated" with sifting through hundreds of lines of code to find the content.  The Breeze generates the simple, clean HTML that feeds your content to search engines.  The links are readily available for search robots to follow.  And if that is not enough, a Google-compliant site map file is automatically updated as you build your site to ensure maximum search ability of your content.  Oh, and by the way, if for some unforeseeable reason you you need to examine the page source code to figure out how to tweak the look of your pages, you will appreciate the elegant HTML the Breeze generates. ;-)


CSS Menu System

The Breeze Website Builder™ includes a comprehensive menu system that is easy to configure and use.  It can build horizontal or vertical menus in any font or color combination to create any look you desire.  Better yet, the menus are 100% pure CSS.  They work in any browser, even if JavaScript is disabled, and the links are transparent to search robots aiding in SEO.  Any page can have up to 4 menus, each with their own styling.


The Breeze Website Builder Wizard™ allows you to setup your website in only 6 steps!  Just pick your template, upload your logo, enter your site title and tagline, select your pages, customize your background colors and BINGO! you have a website.

Easy-to-Use Styles Editor

The Breeze Website Builder™ includes a CSS (cascading style sheet) editor that lays out all of the possible options in an easy-to-understand web-form of option buttons and drop-down lists.  No need to become an expert in CSS coding.


Built-in blogging tool to allow quick blogging and user access restrictions for bloggers.

User Access

5 levels of user access providing control and delegation of responsibilities to company personnel.

Public-Side Account Creation and Access Control

Easily create forms to allow users to create accounts and for site manager to grant access to special areas of website.  Also facilitates ability to provide dynamic content based on user account.



Zen Cart™

Easily add the Zen Shopping cart to your site!  Just select the Zen Cart™ plug-in when creating your cart page and it's done!  The cart inherits the look of your site with no further hacking.  Just click on the Manage Cart button to configure shipment and payment modules, create categories, and upload items into your inventory.  The Zen Cart™ is one of the most comprehensive ecommerce solutions available.  Yet, customizing the look can be a daunting task for the novice.  The Breeze Website Builder handles that for you.  All you have to do is the back-office setup.

Calendar and Events

Easily add a calendar or an event grid to your site.  Then manage your dates using the easy-to-use schedule editor.  Change the look of your calendar or events grid using the easy-to-use style editor mentioned above.

Contact Form

The Breeze Website Builder™ includes an easily configurable contact form that automatically mails your customers' contact information to you.  It may also be configured to email a response letter to your customer, and to create and populate a database table to store your leads.

Photo Gallery, Flash Movie Player and MP3 Audio Player Plug-ins

Easily add media content to your website with these plug-ins.  In today's market, your site needs to use all the Internet has to offer to stand out.  These media plug-ins make it a snap to add movies, audio or photo galleries to your site.

Works in All Major Browsers


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